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More Evidence That May Prove Ancient Giants Did Exist (video)

More evidence that may prove ancient giants or Nephilim did exist! Paranormal Junkie

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Mystery of the ancient kingdom discovered in Nepal (video)

Hidden within the Himalayas, 155 feet from the ground, these man-made caves are one of the World’s greatest archaeological mysteries. Thousands of holes are carved into the fragile, sandy-colored cliff in a gorge so large it dwarfs the Grand Canyon. The astonishing number of caves, some dug into the cliff side, others tunneled from above are thousands of years old but who built them and why remains a mystery. UFOmania – The truth is out there

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Sumerian Kings List – Antediluvian Kings ruled the Earth for 240.000 years (video)

Recently discovered was the Sumerian King List – an archaic stone tablet. On the Sumerian King List, there is a list telling of the eight immortal lords who ruled and conquered the planet. Over more than two hundred and forty-two thousand centuries ago, in the region now known as southern Iraq these kinds ruled. The stone tablet is inscribed in Sumerian language. The list has been converted from multiple different clay tablets showing names of different kings. However, for now the focus remains on the first eight kings. READ MORE:

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