Monday, September 13, 2021

#JFK Assassination #Conspiracy Theory In ‘Smoking Gun’ Documentary (video)

A JFK assassination conspiracy theory is being defended by the makers of the new JFK assassination documentary called JFK: The Smoking Gun.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, a new JFK assassination documentary claims Secret Service agent George Hickey shot John F Kennedy.

The idea of a JFK second shooter has been around for quite a while. The JFK assassination documentary claims that after Lee Harvey Oswald fired his initial shot George Hickey fired his AR-15 rifle at Lee Harvey Oswald from a moving vehicle. George Hickey allegedly hit John F Kennedy when the car lurched forward, throwing off his aim.

The JFK assassination conspiracy theory still says Lee Harvey Oswald managed to hit John F Kennedy with his second shot. But the kicker is that JFK: The Smoking Gun goes one step further and claims George Hickey’s bullet was the fatal shot. JFK: The Smoking Gun claims George Hickey’s accidental discharge was known but the government decided to cover it up in order to save the reputation of the Secret Service.

ReelzChannel CEO Stan Hubbard is defending their JFK assassination conspiracy theory in JFK: The Smoking Gun:

“There’s been lots of theories about the grassy knoll and everything else, but a bullet came from behind the car [Kennedy was in]. The only possible gun that could have been in that area is that Secret Service gun. So the finding is that it was an accidental discharge. Nobody’s claiming anybody did anything wrong. But at the time, in the middle of the Cold War… remember, it wasn’t a time that the U.S. government would have liked to admit a botched security detail in the most important mission they had.”


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