Monday, September 13, 2021

Leaked Pentagon Video – Flu Vaccine Used To Modify Human Behavior

What you are about to hear is not science fiction or conspiracy theory but a glimpse of what is going on behind the closed doors of the United States Pentagon.

Do you believe that your government offers you vaccines for your benefit? Do you feel you need the Flu vaccine every year?

Then watch this video and share your feelings with us below please.

In a small auditorium labeled BC232 a man is presenting a discussion on how the military industrial complex can spread a virus and use a vaccine to extinguish what the pentagon calls undesirable human behavior. Specifically in this case religious behavior.

This is dark science my friends. With all the mandatory vaccine programs in the United States do not be deceived for a moment that something like this will not or possibly hasn’t already been used on the American public.

This presentation has the ring of truth, and may be possibly just the tip of the iceberg. If we consider the amount of vaccines that babies, infants children and teens are currently receiving it is way out of proportion of the perceived threat that these diseases pose.

For example why should a baby, whose family has no history of hepatitis be given a vaccine for hepatitis in the early days of birth
plus many other vaccines, putting fear in the hearts of parents with a new baby that they may die if not protected.

There must be some ulterior motive for these vaccines to be freely given and mandated throughout the western world and now creeping into the so called developing world.

I noted the year of the presentation was 2005 the Human genome has been mapped and cognitive science has increased exponentially since 2005 in an effort to understand human behavior.

This concept of manipulating human behavior is so dark and disturbing that it could only come from the mindset of a psychopathic cabal determined to make a human being into an obedient slave.

What are we doing to the children of the world. Fifty years ago for a child to receive so many vaccines would have been inconceivable.


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