Sunday, August 18, 2019

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GMOs: What Do the Stars Say Astrologically?

With all that’s going on regarding genetically modified organisms, especially food crops, this writer became intrigued while standing in line at a Whole Foods checkout counter by a magazine’s cover story “Inside Monsanto,” which appears on the Aug./Sept. 2013 issue of The Mountain Astrologer. Online access to the magazine Even though being somewhat esoterically inclined, the feature article by Eric Francis Coppolino was a little more than this writer expected. Coppolino, an astrologer, delved deeply into the history of both Monsanto and its founder, John Francis Queeny, in addition to supplying astrological charts for both, which were delineated, cross-referenced to Monsanto history, and from which prognostications also were offered. According to Coppolino’s exceptional eight-page article, Monsanto was founded November 29, 1901 in Jefferson City, Missouri. Queeny, who worked for a pharmaceutical company by day, invested $1,500 of his own money and borrowed $3,500 from another company. Monsanto found its way …

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