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The Hung League Underground Societies


Gustave Schlegel Interpreter for the Chinese Language to the government of Nethrelands India Member of the Batavian Society of Arts and societies and of the Royal Insittue for the philology, geography and ethnology of Netherlands – India It is a known fact that secret societies not only exist in China itself, but also with the Chinese in the colonies, where they hlead very often to a tacit resistance against the laws of the land, or even to revolt. In the spring of the year 1863, a lot of books were , very accidentally, found by the police in the house of a chinamans suspected of theft at padan which proved the existence of a secrt society at that place numbering about 200 members. These books, containing the laws, statues oath, mysteries of initiatin, catechism description of flags, symbols and secret signs etc, were placed officially into my hands for translation. …

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