Tuesday, September 14, 2021
New World Order.

The New World Order and The Masters of the World

What is that you understand it is that the world is not quite as people perceive it. Since our childhood we are subject to a “formatting” of our mind to accept a world that, believe me, will be a veritable hell worthy of science-fictions films where the freedoms of men will be completely flouted.

The purpose of the masters of the world, small group of people that secretly controls the Governments is not just money but a total control of the world, a world Government with foolproof security where any revolt will be almost impossible !

# How will they establish this Government ? Or should I say, how did already begin to achieve it ?

Know that the best way to totally control the population is to prevent to think by itself !

# How ?

Claiming for example to the population that more it entertain and more she will benefit from his life and more she will be happy.

WRONG! Even the armoured frics people who don’t even have to work are not happy because they will always needs more and remain slaves of these material needs! This is a new form of slavery: always create new needs.

That is why in the West, especially since the sixties, attempted to “improve” the lives of the people by allowing them to access various hobbies: elsewhere the first entertainment who settled in every home and I am sure that you also: TeleVison (TV).

This tool was you so-called sold to allow you to pass the time, (as if there was nothing to do on Earth), the TV is a gift of the masters of the world to control you, today everything goes through it, control of the population using the image and sound, it makes you see what you want to see and you believe because you have seen and heard.

Here I speak of course of the information. Among others it also has series, TV films for the American majority who are there to get in your mind an ideal of life that you will never reach.

# Why young people are so bad in your opinion ?

Because for them in life it should happen so much in such series as the brothers Scott where in an hour they happen more than in an entire lifetime, and often young people say “yeah my life is zero I me trouble, has nothing to do with the damn country…”) there is yet both to do.

This is basically the TV power not to mention their role in the elections that are more than based on of the seductions of populations. The pub to create new needs… Be discussed more in detail later.

Back to entertainment, just like the work, totally prevent you from taking the time to reflect on what is really happening and you no longer have the time to realize that your mind, your life, your choices are totally controlled.

Another way that not the first but detaches that complement it: the fear with a large F. Terrorism, this war against terrorism. Terrorism is by definition the fact to govern a people through terror.

Which creates terror, this psychosis in our Western world ? Who speaks constantly of terrorism ? Makes us fear with all this ? Who are the real terrorists ?

I am sure that you have the answer: Western Governments with their major accomplices: media.

Control the population, create fear to put in place rules of increasingly repressive : surveillance cameras, the military presence in the stations, attendance of the police everywhere, into schools, create DNA files, retinal scanner, digital recognition, facial recognition, biometrics and soon the implant. All that for safety’s sake, to protect people from terrorism…

In reality, the war on terror does not exist, it is for it that it will be endless and will implement more in addition to measures to control the population while hiding behind a quite absurd pretext: your safety !!!

# Why spend huge sums for things that have only very rarely?How many of you have already attend an attack ?

The attacks generally arrive at the drop account whose most like those of September 11, 2001 are organized by Western Governments themselves to spend still more repressive new laws and accelerate their PLANS (Patriot Act…).

Oh I forgot the electronic bracelets, not those it makes to the prisoners but those you put babies in some maternity (this is the same strap) for himself saying combat kidnappings, I knew not that there were such scourge of abduction of children in maternity hospitals. The vast joke, it is like this that it accept the new surveillance technologies to the population for their so called security.

These babies who are at a huge risk, they are so leave what we had necessarily need and need to spend millions of euros to ensure their safety. How many of you thought it was good for their safety ?

You have relatives who were removing their babies in maternity, talking often to the alerts ? The rate of abductions has decline since in this maternity ? Less than twice in thirty years ?

The electronic bracelet is just one example, but his goal was not to ensure the safety of the baby.

It is not even known if it is good for his health also because it works with under radio frequency waves that pass through the baby during his first days of life while repeat us constantly that these waves are bad for us, and they dare to talk about security

We are evolving towards a society that is totally under the control of a world government which will be a dictatorship established through fear of populations that will always accept new measures that bafoueront their own freedoms. The worst is that people will welcome this Government with open arms and even will claim. Because physical security is far more important than the freedom of mind of course.

This first article is a draft, I see with you each point of the plan in detail with its objectives, and the means used to put in place. And you will see that everything is done to plan and not to improve your life.

So, there is a chance that the people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system because if that were the case, I believe that there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning.

Alone can not do thing, together we are invincible. Join us!




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