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Monthly Archives: December 2013

MYSTERY: HUGE Meteor seen several states and two countries (video)

meteor arizona

Large Meteor shakes homes and makes a loud boom. Residents from neighboring States calling to find out that happened. This was reportedly NOT from any know meteor shower taking place and appears mysterious. Some are wondering if ISON is already dropping rocks. However it is just a bit too early for that. Ison debris could hit earth very soon though.

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China Lander Has Lunar Touchdown (video)

china moon landing

China has announced the successful soft landing of its Chang’e 3 spacecraft – the first such landing for mankind since 1976. “Chang’e-3 has successfully carried out a soft-landing on the moon. This makes the China world’s third nation to achieve a lunar soft landing,” said the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) in an online post. State news agency Xinhua published a poignant editorial on the “historic breakthrough.” “Space exploration is the cause of mankind, not just ‘the patent’ of a certain country,” the editorial said. “China will share the achievements of its lunar exploration with the whole world and use them to benefit humanity.” The Chang’e 3 craft, which is named after a Chinese moon goddess, safely landed on a 250-mile-wide plain known as The Bay of Rainbows. Using sensors and 3D imaging, the craft first located a flat surface. Rockets fired 330 feet above the lunar surface and slowly guided the ship …

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Chemtrail Pentagram in the Sky, and a Freaky Beam with Lightning

chemtrail pentagram

If you are the least bit skeptical about who is behind all those misty, white trails in the sky, that “they” tell us are simply jet contrails, perhaps this photo will change your mind. I saw this on Facebook and it stopped me in my tracks because several days ago when we were nailed big-time with more chemtrails than I’ve seen in the valley before, I thought I saw a pentagram off in the distance over Mesa or Phoenix but dismissed it as coincidence. Now I don’t think it was a coincidence at all. Quite the signature, eh? The artist must be proud of his work. This is not an accident or the result of some criss-crossed trails overlapping because you can see where the plane cornered to make the points of the star. The photo below is from the same FB page. If you look closely, or enlarge the …

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