Sunday, August 18, 2019

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“Enigmalith” The 100,000 Year Old Alien Plug? (video)

Hey guys, so in 1998, engineer, and all round good guy, John. J. Williams, found something that has become a very important find, known as the enigmalith. he was hiking in north America when he noticed something odd about a boulder laying on the ground. upon closer inspection, john discovered that the rock appeared to have three metal prongs protruding from its centre. Finding this rather odd like anyone would, john collected the rock up and took it home. Now, it must be said John J Williams is one of those endearing characters that is not easily fooled. Knowing as the perceptive person that he is, that an authentic, out of place artefact, that according to modern understanding, shouldn’t exist. are the types of relics that regularly go missing, with many people attempting to get their hands on it. John has guarded this artefact so well in fact. He even …

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