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Queen Elizabeth’s Magician and Alchemist – John Dee (video)

Born on July 13, 1527, in London, England, John Dee was an “English alchemist, astrologer, and mathematician who contributed greatly to the revival of interest in mathematics in England.” – Encyclopaedia Britannica “Dee was an exceptional student who entered Cambridge University when he was fifteen…Dee excelled at Cambridge and was named Underreader (junior faculty member) before taking his degree. After graduating he traveled to the Continent to continue his studies, achieving overnight fame in Paris at the age of twenty-three, when he delivered a series of lectures on the recently exhumed works of the Greek mathematician Euclid.” – Visions and Prophesies “After lecturing and studying on the European continent between 1547 and 1550, Dee returned to England in 1551 and was granted a pension by the government. Dee became astrologer to the queen, Mary Tudor, and shortly thereafter was imprisoned for being a magician but was released in 1555.” – …

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