Wednesday, June 24, 2020

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#JFK Assassination #Conspiracy Theory In ‘Smoking Gun’ Documentary (video)

A JFK assassination conspiracy theory is being defended by the makers of the new JFK assassination documentary called JFK: The Smoking Gun. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, a new JFK assassination documentary claims Secret Service agent George Hickey shot John F Kennedy. The idea of a JFK second shooter has been around for quite a while. The JFK assassination documentary claims that after Lee Harvey Oswald fired his initial shot George Hickey fired his AR-15 rifle at Lee Harvey Oswald from a moving vehicle. George Hickey allegedly hit John F Kennedy when the car lurched forward, throwing off his aim. The JFK assassination conspiracy theory still says Lee Harvey Oswald managed to hit John F Kennedy with his second shot. But the kicker is that JFK: The Smoking Gun goes one step further and claims George Hickey’s bullet was the fatal shot. JFK: The Smoking Gun claims George Hickey’s …

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