Sunday, August 18, 2019

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U.S. and UK Leaders Warn Of EMP Bombs, Catastrophic Solar Storms

The United Kingdom’s Defence (sic) Secretary Phillip Hammond, scheduled to speak at the third Electric Infrastructure and Security Council (EIS) Summit, is expected to highlight vulnerabilities of Britain’s current defense and commercial infrastructure to electro-magnetic pulse bombs. Destructive EMPs can come from a variety of sources — specialized bombs/weapons, nuclear strikes in the atmosphere, and even naturally occurring phenomena, such as solar flares. The UK defense official first raised the EMP issue several months ago, and the government has since responded with an analysis warning of a “known and significant” risk to sensitive sectors such as satellite communications and the nation’s power grid. The UK is determined to go beyond “conventional” technologies in preparing for EMPs. of primary concern is not only potential terrorist strikes, but also a repeat of 1859’s Carrington Event — a massive solar storm which knocked out the telegraph system. Experts say a solar storm of …

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