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‘Giant hole’ in sun spotted by spacecraft (video)

Spacecraft Sees Giant Hole In Sun

The darker section at the top of the Sun in the above video is a coronal hole – part of the star’s atmosphere where its magnetic field bursts open and spurts streams of solar material out into space. It appears as a dark “hole” on the surface of the sun because the process makes its atmosphere cooler and less dense than those around it. The footage was captured between July 13-18 by Nasa’s Solar Dynamics Observatory, a five-year mission aimed at learning more about how “space weather” released by the sun affects astronauts, satellites, other planets and Earth itself. The coronal hole pictured last month is particularly large, measuring at least 400,000 miles across – more than the width of 50 Earths placed side by side. Although it looks dark and lifeless it was likely releasing fast solar wind, or streams of charged particles, at up to 500 miles per second. This is …

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Massive UFO Caught In Suns Corona (video)

ufo sun space ship

Incredible object caught in orbit around the Sun by SOHO. Object is roughly the size of our moon and has a distinct flight pattern. This indicates to me that its under intelligent control. This is not dust, a Planet or Star in my opinion, its an unidentified object, most probably an Extraterrestrial vessel gathering huge amounts of electrical energy or plasma from the Suns corona.   StephenHannardADGUK

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UFO resembles Star Trek Sci Fi Borg Cube

ufo sun

Russian researchers detected Cube shaped UFOs on NASA photos of the Sun. Could this report have anything to do with a U.S. Military and Foreign Affairs Journal published an article on 17 September 2012 which states that “an Asian intelligence agency reports that a combined fleet operation between the U.S. and China, has been going on, a full combat operation against what we are told is a “highly unfriendly extra-terrestrial threat.” Alex Collier suggests that this “rumour” may be “playing out” of a “Book of Revelation” scenario. Aliens, as “Archons”, operating through mind parasitized human physical hosts, apparently scripted the Book of Revelation that is within the Bible. Indeed, the Book of Revelation that has been allegedly scripted by Archons links the destruction of our planet Earth to the appearance of a Cubic UFO in Earth’s orbit at the end of December 2012. documents that Gene Roddenberry who created …

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