Sunday, August 18, 2019

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World Bank Insider: Western Power Structures Collapse – Video

This story from Investment Watch Blog is very telling. The insiders are now speaking out. Not much time remains before the collapse now. Take heed. The video interview with World Bank insider Karin Hudes is down below for you to hear yourselves to verify this information. She verifies not only a ‘bought off’ media but a ‘finance group’ which systematically engages in disinformation which “undermines the core of democracy.” “Yesterday I had the opportunity to speak with one of the most courageous and astute women in the western world: By Karin Hudes, Ex Senior Advisor at the World Bank – which now appears as a whistleblower. It was a very important debate, because Karin Hudes worked 20 years at the World Bank as an economist and lawyer before she reported on the internal fraud and corruption in World Bank and was “Gone”. World Bank Whistleblower Karin said: “I am now …

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