Friday, July 31, 2020

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The New World Order and The Masters of the World

New World Order.

What is that you understand it is that the world is not quite as people perceive it. Since our childhood we are subject to a “formatting” of our mind to accept a world that, believe me, will be a veritable hell worthy of science-fictions films where the freedoms of men will be completely flouted. The purpose of the masters of the world, small group of people that secretly controls the Governments is not just money but a total control of the world, a world Government with foolproof security where any revolt will be almost impossible ! # How will they establish this Government ? Or should I say, how did already begin to achieve it ? Know that the best way to totally control the population is to prevent to think by itself ! # How ? Claiming for example to the population that more it entertain and more she …

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